True Love John 3:16 Preteen Bible Study

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Boy Bible Study
Feb 8th, 2015
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Since it is close to Valentine’s Day, when everyone is talking about love, we are looking at scripture to find out what God tells us about true love.

People are always looking for someone to love them. We try to do things to impress others, to make others approve of us, to please others.  We want friends to love us. We want our parents to love us. We want people we just met to love us. In the end, we are all just looking for acceptance and love from each other.

We are so worried about what other people think of us and so focused on whether or not other people love us, that we forget about how much God loves us! The Bible tells us over and over again that God has such a great love for us that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. God knew that we needed a savior. He knew we would not be able to be perfect and go without sin, so he showed the ultimate love to us by sending his only son to the cross! He did this so we could live eternally with Him in Heaven.

I don’t know if there is anyway we can ever know the extent of God’s true love for us while we are here on earth, but the Bible tells us that when we get to Heaven, he will show us everything!

For now, we have to live our lives knowing that no matter who on earth loves us or how much they love us, God loves us more than we can imagine! He loves us no matter what we do wrong! He wants us to do right and ask  for forgiveness when we don’t, but he never stops loving us! His love for us is a TRUE LOVE!


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1 Comment to “True Love John 3:16 Preteen Bible Study”

  1. Love that you clearly show love for what love truly is– Jesus dying on the cross for us. This truly is the sweetest image of love. Thank you for what you do and writing these Preteen Bible Study posts.

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