Time to Unplug

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Family
Sep 3rd, 2014

As parents, we must recognize that our children need time to unplug. It also benefits them (as well as us) to take our own time to unplug. Our children watch and learn from our every move: They see us when we are working hard, when we are stressed, when we over commit, when we are overwhelmed. they feel our energy. They may even be subject to our bad attitudes if we are overcome with stress. Have you noticed just how much your children act like you or your spouse? They have the same mannerisms and almost mimic our reactions to things…..sometimes to our amusement!

Have you ever taken a step back and thought that you needed to set a better example in any way for your children? Of course you have! All parents do at one point in time or another! Usually, its something we have said or done as a knee-jerk reaction and felt a little regret afterwards. We never think about how our children are watching us when we are NOT acting inappropriately.

I can tell that my kids get a little uptight when there is a lot of things to be done by my husband and I. They are reacting to the situation just as we are. I can also tell that when my husband and I are relaxed and having fun, my kids relax more and seem to feed off of our energy!

So today, when my 5 year old asked to go to the beach, I didn’t tell him no like I usually ┬ádo. Instead, I put all of the things aside that needed to be done at home and took all three of the kids to the beach! They had so much fun boogie boarding, building sand castles and writing in the sand! Afterwards, we got ice cream and came home and got in the pool!

Beach Day!

Beach Day!


It was a great day and the kids were happy to take time to unplug!

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