The Reason I homeschool

By Alisha Rosenthal
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Aug 15th, 2014
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Everyone I meet wants to know the reason I homeschool. I know this is the same question that other homeschoolers get as well.

The answer to that question varies greatly for homeschool families, but the one thing that all of them have in common when answering the question is that they wanted what was best for their children. While homeschool may not be what is best for all families or may not fit your family, it is the perfect choice for my family!

I used to think homeschoolers were crazy! I didn’t understand it at all! We had neighbors who homeschooled and their kids were always finished with school by noon! What?! Well, I know now that 3-4 hours of strict instruction and one-on-one time each day is more than enough for kids! I no longer think homeschoolers are crazy!

We started homeschooling when my oldest son was in 4th grade and my daughter was in 3rd grade. My youngest had just turned 3. We actually pulled our kids from school in the spring just after they finished state testing that year. They both did awesome by the way, scoring at the highest level possible in each area….

That is ONE of the many reasons we decided that bringing them home (which was something we had been discussing for a while) was the best decision. We knew that my son struggled with reading. However, when he tested, he somehow managed to get 90% and above in comprehension! My daughter had never gotten below a 98% on a math assignment and all of the sudden brought home a D on  a progress report with no request for a conference from her teacher. I was concerned that they had fallen by the way side…and they had. They were the students who scored well on tests and never asked for help. They were left to their own devices while the teachers (understandably) busied themselves with the students who were struggling. It had never been an issue before, but now I could see that they just weren’t into learning anymore.

I wanted to challenge them and I knew they wanted to be challenged!

This and the fact that they had a ton of friends but none of them were from school (Well, my daughter has one friend that still comes over a lot and shared a public school classroom with her for 2 years). All of their friends were from outside of school organized sports and clubs. As I thought about that, I realized that they were having no time to socialize at school and couldn’t socialize outside of school because I was never able to get to know any of the other students’ parents. This meant that the “How will they socialize?” Argument was invalid.

If you ask me now why I homeschool, my reason would be short and simple: FEILD TRIPS! haha! Seriously, I could list 100 other benefits from being able to teach character traits while using Bible verses to not having to buy school uniforms, but homeschool is absolutely the best choice for my family!


Do you homeschool? What made you start? Are you thinking of homeschooling? Do you have any questions about getting started? Ask here and I will help you find resources to answer your questions.

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I am a Christian wife and homeschooling mother of my 3 children ages 12, 11, and 5. I am a hot mess but I somehow manage to accomplish things! I hope I can be an inspiration to someone out there, like so many others have been to me!

1 Comment to “The Reason I homeschool”

  1. Randi says:

    Love this! It just goes to show that homeschoolers come in many different forms and begin for many different reasons. My girls have always been homeschooled, but my husband and I had really bad experiences with our local schools growing up. We didn’t feel comfortable placing them in the exact same system that we felt failed us during our childhood. It has been a huge blessing and very rewarding to keep the girls at home- sometimes it can be tough but overall we love our decision…five years going strong! Thanks for sharing your reasons, sending hugs!

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