The Reason I Don’t Read My Bible Everyday

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Encouragement
Feb 9th, 2015

The reason I don’t read my Bible everyday is _______. Can you fill in that blank? Maybe, you do read your Bible everyday! If so, that’s awesome! I encourage you to keep it up!! Maybe, you read it when you need to for a Sunday school class or open it at church on Sunday mornings. Maybe you don’t open it at all.

I do, in fact, know some ladies who are wonderful women. They love God! They serve others and go to church…and they do NOT spend time in the Word of God. They don’t purposefully neglect their relationship with God! They pray when they think about it. They are thankful for everything they have, and God is always on their hearts and mind.

I am one of those ladies!

I will say that I have done fairly well reading my daily chapter from the Bible. I am in the Word searching for verses to go along with the preteen Bible study the kids and I offer here on the blog. I even look over a verse or two each week with the kids for their character quality study.

I very seldom take the time to really absorb what I am reading. I almost never journal or memorize or spend time praying for God to open my mind and heart to what I am reading. Sometimes, I just skim over the reading.

The reason? Laziness. That’s it. I am uninterested and have a million other things on my mind. I think, “I will do it later,” and I never do. I secretly praise myself for getting through that chapter in Exodus and couldn’t tell you what it said a week later. I fall asleep praying at night sometimes….and sometimes….I fall asleep before I even pray.

I try to think about God throughout the day and give him praise, but then the kids will act out and I will get irritated and forget all about my good intentions.

I know I am not alone in this. I know because I have spoken about it with other women. We try to encourage each other, and it works! It works for a short time, anyway.

Then, life starts happening again and we drift back into old habits. Old.Lazy.Habits.

I could fill in the blank at the top of this page with dozens of things: The reason I do not read my Bible everyday is because:

I homeschool.

My kids are into everything, and I can’t take my eyes off of them.

I work.

I stay up too late and cannot wake up in time.

I forget.

The list goes on and on.

I think we all have the best of intentions. I think we all want to be closer to God. I also think we let other things take priority because we are more worldly than we want to admit. We put housework, appearance, and rest above God. We don’t mean to, but we do.

I am challenging myself this week to start a Bible reading routine that includes enough time to actually think about what I am reading and pray for guidance. I am going to have that quiet time I have wanted to have for so long. I want to challenge you to do the same! Let’s not wonder how we would end the statement, “The reason I don’t read my Bible everyday is because ___.” Let’s eliminate the need for that statement in our lives! Instead, I want to say, “Guess what I read in my Bible today!”


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