Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Family
Dec 1st, 2012

My favorite time of year is the time between The weekend before Thanksgiving and Christmas Day! I especially love all of the memory making projects that can go along with this time of the year! For several years I have kept the kids busy through the week of Thanksgiving by having them collect things from outside (yes I get them out of y way so I can cook! LOL). We started out by making a banner that said “Happy Thanksgiving” with sticks and twigs. Now it has evolved into adding something new each year.

Thanksgiving crafts

As you can see, we expanded our saying to the more appropriate, “In all things give thanks.”

Thanksgiving banner

We added pinecone turkeys and toilet paper roll owls. We had made the toilet paper roll owls at co-op so I added them in just because. The kids searched the back yard for pinecones and leaves to make the turkeys and I cut out a little piece of paper for them to draw the face on. To glue the leaves and paper to the pinecones, its best to use hot glue. I let the kids use a glue stick and it worked pretty well.

Thanksgiving crafts pine cones

The last thing we did was make out finger print tree on canvas. I painted the tree on the canvas and let it dry. I gave the kids several fall colors to work with and had them use their fingers to dot the fall “leaves” on the canvas.

Thanksgiving tree

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