Teach Me Tuesday #5

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Homeschooling
Feb 10th, 2015

This week in our homeschool lessons, we are learning about dinosaurs! We found out about a Jurassic exhibit coming to a town near us on Valentine’s Day, so we went full throttle into learning all about dinosaurs. My five-year-old has really gotten exited about this topic, and we have found so many resources!

The first thing I did when I decided to do dinosaurs was, of course, a google search. I found the “My Dinosaur Lapbook” on www.homeschoolshare.com. This was the first time I have ever visited the site, and I am pretty sure we will be visiting again! The lapbook has Bible verses and color pictures. I really like it!

The next thing we did was go to the library. We found so many fun books on dinosaurs, but my son picked out a full textbook! It has 10 chapters, so we have read one chapter a day and only have one more left.

We went shopping the other day and just happened to stumble on a big container of small dinosaurs at Target. It was only $7 and there are probably 50 little dinosaurs in there. I didn’t expect it to be anything more than a toy, but they are actually very detailed and we were able to match them with the pictures in our text book from the library. It was worth the money for sure!

My older two are not really into the whole dinosaur thing, but they are listening to me when I read to the youngest out of the text book. When we went to the park this week, and in the back yard today, they all dug for fossils. They had a pan of water and paint brushes to dust the rocks off and everything. They found several different rocks and that led them to want to look up some different rocks. I was happy they took initiative, even though I have no interest in geology at all!

Other things that have went on this week are my youngest starting karate and my daughter starting ballet (both of those classes are offered at our new co-op, which we absolutely LOVE!). We went to a local one-ring circus on Sunday afternoon that was pretty bad , but the 2 youngest loved it anyway…LOL.

Since we just moved, we had to open a new bank account. We took the kids and tried to involve them in the process as much as they could take in, anyway. We have also decided to let them have more of a voice when it comes to us closing on the house, family decisions and the like. I realized that we were making them leave the room every time we started a conversation, even if they could be involved. We are making an effort to include them more so that they can learn about some of the adult decisions they will need to make later on in life.

Other than that, we are still drudging through all the same ole stuff: reading, writing, math, spelling, geography, character, etc.

I am currently looking for a good math program. If you have any suggestions for one, or if you want to share what is going on in your homeschool this week, please tell us!

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