Teach Me Tuesday #3 Plus a Free Printable

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Homeschooling
Jan 27th, 2015
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Welcome to week 3 of Teach Me Tuesday! This week we have been super busy! Along with the new co-op, (which is going GREAT!) we are still using our put away learning boards and our free web resources.

Before I get started telling you about our week, I want to offer you a FREE printable of the page that I use to keep myself organized throughout the week! I laminate one for each child that way I can use a dry erase pen on the daily part.


On to our week:

My youngest is in love with geography. He has taken a real interest in playing the U.S.A. geography game at sheppardsoftware.com. My older two have played it 100s of times, and now they do the states and capitals matching and time themselves and try to get faster. They also use the sites cell games. We are always going over cell functions. I want them to be fresh on their mind if they ever need the information for a college entrance exam or something of the sort. I am pretty sure it is something that they are a little too young to COMPLETELY understand, but the more we go over it, the more they understand.

The big kids are also helping me with the preteen Bible study. While doing this, they get to study scripture, read, write, and do critical thinking…not to mention character development!

Speaking of character development, I have been giving them a character trait each week to look up, define, and describe in their own words. They also have to write how and why they should try to develop that character. You can find the list of character traits, along with a corresponding Bible verse, here at the Duggar Family website.

Lastly, it has FINALLY gotten warm enough to get outside in the afternoons! We have been going to the park and using the C25K app on our phones for exercise. We also take the soccer ball and softball equipment  and practice a little. I hope I can be disciplined enough to keep that up!


What’s going on in your homeschool? We love to here what you have to share!



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1 Comment to “Teach Me Tuesday #3 Plus a Free Printable”

  1. Jann Olson says:

    Love the idea of having them look up a character. Sounds like you have got a bunch of smart kids! I remember memorizing the states and capitals in fourth grade. Think I need a refresher course myself. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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