Our New Home–An Adventure in Home Building

By Alisha Rosenthal
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Jan 28th, 2015

As some of you know, we are currently building a new home! We are so excited…and I am SO anxious! We are down to the last month or so before we can officially call it ours and move in! Let me give you a time line of what has happened so far.

First of all, you have to know the little back story on this project. Originally from Southeastern Oklahoma, we had been living in Florida for 11 years. We moved there for my husband’s job, and after years of being there, he found a job that lets him work from home and live wherever he wants. So, we decided on Texas!

We looked at different areas in Texas, and being raised so close to the North Dallas area, we had sort of ruled that out. We love it there, but it is a MAJOR lifestyle change going from Slow-Paced-Vacation-Town, Florida to the hustle and bustle and high five traffic of the Dallas Metroplex! So, we looked at areas outside of Dallas/Fort Worth and areas north of Austin. We even glanced at place towards San Antonio and even Houston. We planned a trip to see our family in Oklahoma last July and wanted to take a side trip on the way home to look around at some of these areas.

Long story short, we ended up going to eat in a small town that we had lived in for a short amount of time, just before we moved to Florida. We literally stumbled upon a new subdivision being built and decided before the end of the week to build a new home! We never even made it to our other destinations! We are even closer to family and friends and we know the area so well…it’s just perfect!

Now, on to the home building! We broke ground on our new home in September and within a couple of weeks, it was framed:



So, there was the frame..up so quickly! Then it took what seemed like FOREVER to get the house “in the dry.” That means to a stage where all the wiring and plumbing is installed and the house is ready to be drywalled. The reason it takes a while at this point is because there are several inspections that have to be completed by the city in order for the builder to move on.


This was a very exciting time because it really started to look like a house! Then came winter–the entire 3 weeks of it! It rained and/or was below freezing so much that work had to be stalled on the house. Just after the first of the year, we met with the builder, and he assured us that our brick and tile would be installed as soon as the weather was at 40 degrees outside. In the meantime, they installed cabinets and trim.


Sure enough, the next week, when the weather warmed up a little, the house got its brick and rock and tile completed!





We can hardly wait another day, much less another month to get into this house! I want to have family over, spend time with our new neighbors, and throw parties! I will keep you updated on the progress over the next few weeks….Then you can help me decorate it!!

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