Little Girl’s Spa Party

By Alisha Rosenthal
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Sep 8th, 2014
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host a spa party

For my daughter’s birthday, she wanted to take all of her friends to the spa. I want to take all of my friends tot he spa on my birthday too, but I don’t really have that kind of money to be spending on a party. Of course, there has to be cake and food and presents to go along with the spa trip and that all costs enough for me!

I really wanted her to have the spa party that she had asked for so I had all the girls that she wanted to invite bring their robes and slippers and comfy clothes.

Our first stop of the day was the local theater where my daughter had attended summer camp and gotten 2 free tickets to the children’s production of Beauty and The Beast. I asked the other parents to purchase their own tickets if they wanted to go. They were less than $5.

When we got home, the girls toasted plastic champaign glasses filled with a yummy homemade punch: 1 pint of Strawberry sherbet ice cream with a 2 liter of chilled 7-up poured over the top! They also had finger sandwiches, chips and salsa (requested by the birthday girl). Last on the menu was a from-the-box strawberry cake. I made the cake 2 layers tall using a 8×8 pan for the bottom portion and a 6 inch round cake pan for the top. I put zebra striped hot pink sugar sheets around the edges and finished off the top with some of the flowers I had gotten at the Dollar Tree.

spa party 1

After the cake, I had the girls change into their “spa” robes that they had brought from home and we began mani/pedis. A The first step was to put pre-sliced citrus fruit into a large plastic bowl (or a bin would work better. They have those big white ones at the Dollar Tree!). Then, we filled the bowl with warm water and threw in about 1/4 cup of sea salt. The girls soaked their feet while I gave them a little home made facial mask treatment:

Mask was made of  1 cup plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Believe it or not, this is a pretty great mask for the skin! It restores moisture, firms the skin, restores pH…and it tastes really good if it gets on your lips!

I also handed out some cool cucumber slices to put on their eyes. They all sat back and relaxed! All the giggling stopped and they got really still for a few minutes….Ahhhhh….

spa party 2

While they were sitting with their face masks (5 minutes or so), I took the bowls of water away because it had a been long enough during the face mask application to get a good soak on their feet. I dried them and then they started removing their masks with a warm clothe that I passed out to each of them. (I got wash cloths damp and heated them in the microwave for 30 seconds to get them nice and warm.)

A friend of mine was here and helped me paint the girls toe nails and finger nails, and some of the girls helped each other make dots and paint extra glitter on each other. I bought the nail polish at Ross. I got long packages of 8-10 colors for $6!

After this we watched a movie, had popcorn and giggled for the rest of the evening! These girls all took home a bag with things I had found at Ross, The Dollar Tree, Bath and Body Works, or Walmart . Each bag cost less than $5 to make and since it was a small party, I could do $5 each. The bags included a small bottle of lotion that I got 3 for $5 at Bath and Body Works, a small tube of lip gloss that was 3 for $5 at Bath and Body works, some nail polish that I got in packages from Ross, a pack of 2 emory boards that were .50 cents at Walmart.

I hope any future spa parties you are planning go as well as ours did!!!!

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  1. Leslie says:

    I love a party on a budget…and this looks absolutely adorable. I bet it was really nice having that quite moment there with the kids. Thanks for sharing!

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