How to Make Your Conversations Positive

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Encouragement
Sep 7th, 2014

Have you ever been roped into a conversation that end up with other women complaining ENDLESSLY? Or even worse, they were gossiping about a friend or running her down or saying negative things about her…even telling things that you felt were most certainly things that friend didn’t want told? Me too! So, to change this pattern of complaining spirits for myself as well as you, I have compiled a list (I LOVE lists!) of alternative things you can talk about: 

matthew 12:36-37

Things Woman can talk about that are NOT negative!


1. Recipes. Sounds “grandma-ish” right? Well, discussing your “better-than-sex” cake recipe is better than discussing your (or worse, your friend’s) sex life. Some things should be kept intimate.
2. Your children. No, you don’t have to brag about them and you don’t have to complain about them. You can, however, mention what they have done in the last week: funny stories, cute things they did, milestones they crossed, and maybe–if it’s a very close friend or family member–an issue you had with discipline. It’s always ok to ask for advice as long as you aren’t doing it with a complaining spirit.
3. The last restaurant you ate at OR your favorite place to eat. (Notice I didn’t say the worst dining experience you have ever had.)
4. Style. Talk about the latest fashions that you like. Don’t complain about what others are wearing and how tacky it looks or how awful everything looks on you. Instead, discuss what you are interested in wearing and how you can tweak it to work with your body type and personality. Compliment your friend and receive compliments with grace (a simple “thank you” is good).
5. Sports. That’s right, women can talk basketball or football or baseball….don’t be afraid to ask your girlfriend if she saw the game. If she didn’t, give her a quick highlight. Maybe she doesn’t like sports, maybe she does. It’s a good filler that doesn’t involve gossip or complaining. 
6. Home improvement, nail polish, lawn care, hair cuts/color, books, vacations, places you want to see, hopes you have for yourself or your kids.
There are thousands of things to talk about that don’t involve complaining or gossiping! Please, choose your words wisely!


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2 Comments to “How to Make Your Conversations Positive”

  1. Thanks for sharing with Adorned From Above’s Link Party. Have a great week.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  2. Randi says:

    It’s so true- I think sometimes mamas don’t mean to get off on a rant, but are initially looking to vent a little. Unfortunately, that can start a snowball effect and all of a sudden everyone is complaining lol! So yes, it is good to remember that there are plenty of positives to talk about. Thanks for sharing!

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