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By Alisha Rosenthal
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May 7th, 2013




This is only my first year to home school the kids. I have tried my best to keep up with everything we should do and everything we have done. I have to keep a portfolio of their work and activities for 2 years in order to be compliant with the school district. Each year, I also have to have a review done by a state certified teacher. I would like to share some pics of my portfolio as this was the most stressful thing for me. I had no idea what to put in it, what to leave out, or how much to show. There wasn’t a lot of information online that I found very helpful, but I have a great network of homeschooling friends that helped me out tremendously with this!

My kids are in 4th and 5th grade so I had them do all subjects together except math and their free reading time. They did use the same source for math and reading comprehension but, at different grade levels. and for math and for reading comprehension. What I didn’t take pictures of were the US Presidents and US Geography notebooks I had them keep. Each page of the notebook was a different president or different state with the important information about each one listed and even a few hand drawn pictures.
First, I used 2 inch binders to hold everything, and I put all of the pages in page protectors. The first thing in the binder was a “sources list”. This is where I wrote ll of the things we used for homeschooling this year, including textbooks, websites, learning kits, curriculum, etc. I did not put every novel on this list.
 port 3
Next, I put a copy of our tentative daily schedule. This is not necessary, but I had used it, so I put it in. Of course, we didn’t always stick to this schedule,but it was the goal.
port 4
The next page was a list of our extracurricular activities. I think this page is pretty important because it shows your evaluator that you are taking your kids out of the house and having them participate in team or group settings. Let’s face it, even though we all know our kids are over-socialized, there is still a stigma out there.
After extra-curriculars,  I made a page for our field trips. Yes, this particular year–the year I thought we didn’t do anything–we went to a whole bunch of places! So much fun and so many memories!
Here is the list of novels that my son read. I put it on the “reading list” instead of the sources list.
I then included PART of the digital diary that I kept for the kids. The entire thing was about 100 pages long!
Someone told me that adding pictures in was always a greta idea fro you homeschool portfolio. I used the collage feature at to show what we did for the whole year. I put this in a page protector too.
portfolio pics
Lastly, and most importantly, I put samples of all of the kids school work. I’m sorry I didn’t include pics of this! I just picked out 3 samples from each subject; one sample from the beginning of the year, one from the middle, and one from the end of the year to show progress. I did NOT put each of these pages in protectors. I did use page dividers labeled with the respective subject between the subjects.
I hope this helps anyone out there who is new to homeschool and will need to have a portfolio! Let me know what you liked about this and if you do anything different for your portfolio.

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5 Comments to “Homeschool Portfolio”

  1. Monique says:

    I love the collage idea, thanks for linking up at Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party.

  2. Mrs. Amen says:

    Great ideas! This is my first year homeschooling our son (5yo, Kindergarten). Our state doesn’t require a portfolio, but I’d like to keep one anyhow, just in case we ever decide to put him in school we will have something available to show what he’s been doing. Also, I love the idea of having it as a keepsake of all our time together.

  3. Candice says:

    Love it! It’s my first year and thankfully it’s just kindergarten! I love the photo collage cause I’m always taking pics.

  4. Bre says:

    Hello, Thanks so much for this information I’m a homeschooling mother of 6,7,11th grade and I have had the worst time trying to figure out what to put in there portfolio the pictures are a great idea and the source as well thanks so much u Really help me out a lot .

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