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By Alisha Rosenthal
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Sep 18th, 2014

When I first started homeschooling, I was overwhelmed at how many teaching resources are out there! I looked at things that were 100s of dollars to buy and some that were reasonable, but my goal was to not spend any money at all on curriculum. I knew I could find everything I needed online for free if I looked hard enough.

Sure enough, I found so many free resources I was again overwhelmed. It’s been a while now and I have managed to get down to just a few sites that we use on a daily basis. Here are my favorites:

free websites

Math: Khan Academy has a few more things than just math and in the last couple of years, it has really changed how it works. Now, you can set up a FREE parent account and add as many kids as you want. There is a “Mastery Challenge” on each grade level and as the kids are doing a question, there are hints they can ask for as well as a video link on the page that covers the topic. My kids do math all alone (of course I am in the room, but they don’t need me) and at the end of the week, I get an email that tells me how much time they spent on the site that week, what the weakness and strengths were and what topics they spent their time on. I love it and cannot say enough about it!

Language Arts and spelling: This site has weekly spelling words list by grade, comprehension worksheets, grammar worksheets, vocabulary worksheets, writing prompts, and tons of other stuff. I use this for spelling lists every week. I LOVE the free comprehension worksheets!


I use youtube videos for music lessons! My daughter does violin, my oldest son guitar, and my youngest, piano. I have found TONS of videos on all of these and subscribed to the instructor’s channel to be sure to get any new videos. There are lessons for almost every instrument I can think of!

Science: This site has videos and games and apps and books for purchase. If you sign up for the newsletter, you get an email with fun ideas and the latest topics for kids science.

Geography/other: This site has more information than I can list! I use it specifically for geography though. There is an “Around the World” link that has different information about kids from around the world and what they do in a day, things they eat, and things they study. It really helps my kids put a face with the countries we study!

Printables: ok so a lot of this stuff isn’t completely free, but everything I have ever gotten (and I assure you, its A LOT) has been free. So many cute things to print out for ¬†classroom decor, worksheets, and many other things.

A little of everything: This is another site that has just about everything you can imagine for kids! We use the animal and plant parts of a cell game, the United States government game and a lot of the other ones. you just have to go check this one out!


We use tons of websites each day to find information, but these are the ones we go to on a daily basis!

Are there any sites that you use regularly? Let me know so I can add them to the list!



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3 Comments to “Free Homeschool Resources”

  1. Brooke says:

    Thank you for the list! I see lots of good sites on it!

  2. Raia says:

    Thank you so much! :)

  3. Mrs. AOK says:

    These are all great resources, and I’ve used many listed here. My favorites listed: Khan Academy and TeachersPayTeachers. I use both resources often ;)
    Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday!

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