Football Party

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Family
Sep 17th, 2014

I love throwing parties! My husband and boys love football! It only makes sense that we should throw a party for the games! I always like to make finger foods for football parties. It is a great time to make everyone’s favorite foods, cheer for your favorite teams, and visit with your favorite friends!

football party

Every time we host a football party, I do finger foods. There are some favorites that we have each time like the Coco Crispy Football-shaped treats. I just use Coco Crispies and form them into footballs about the size of my hand and then use white icing to draw the football laces on top.

We will either do wings on the grill in a few different flavors or my husband will smoke pork and brisket. If we smoke any meat, I usually do less finger foods and add in burger buns for sandwiches, baked beans, and potato salad.

Here is a list of the finger foods I will make most of the time:

potato skins

pigs in a blanket

bacon wrapped water chestnuts in a sweet homemade BBQ sauce.

tortilla chips and salsa

homemade cheese dip

bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeƱos

and of course CUPCAKES for the kids

football party 4

football party 3

AT our last Superbowl party, we strung up a canvas and used one of our friends projectors to watch the game over the pool:

football party 2

The game was terrible, but it was made fun by the huge screen and the wonderful friends that came!

How do you football party?

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