Fitting In Nicely 1 Timothy 4:12 Preteen Bible Study

By Alisha Rosenthal
In Boy Bible Study
Jan 15th, 2015


In this week’s Bible study, we are talking about where we fit in. We have talked about being respectful to our parents, to other adults around us, and even to other children. Doing things like this helps others want to be around us and want to interact with us. So, we do not have to look for a place to join in, will be asked to join in!

When we act out in front of others, we are not showing our best side. Talking back to our parents, being smart mouthed and loud spoken, and treating the other kids around us like they are irritating, is not the way to make others like us. We may get attention for these things, but it is usually for the wrong reasons—like getting in trouble. Other adults do not think it is cool or cute when we talk back to our parents or insult the other kids around us. It embarrasses our parents and makes the other adults want to make sure that our behavior doesn’t influence their kids to act out too! When we act out, other kids are usually left feeling uncomfortable instead of impressed! They wonder if we are about to get in trouble or if we are going to ask them to join in on what we are doing and get them in trouble. They also wonder what we will say to them if they refuse to join us in our bad behavior.

Bottom line is: Nobody thinks it’s a good thing when we act bad!

If we will be polite and loving to the others around us, we can be sure that the adults will leave our company saying they think we are a really great kid and that they want their kids to hang out with us more. The kids will want to hang out with us more because we were nice to them. That’s all anybody really wants: a friend who is nice to them! Someone who has their best interest in mind.

Our memory verse for this week is 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.” Talking to the adults in a respectful way, playing with the younger kids around us, and trying to find topics that kids our own age–and maybe a little older than us–will be interested in, are all ways that will make others think MORE of us!

Let’s think of some ways we can be more respectful of others this week. Ask ourselves one thing we can stop doing and one thing we can start doing instead!

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