Educational Games from Dollar General

By Alisha Rosenthal
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Sep 14th, 2014
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As a homeschooler, I am always looking for things to teach the kids. It is a bonus when I find things that are fun and an even BIGGER bonus when they are CHEAP! I frequent Dollar General and Dollar Tree and always find little things here and there. Of course they have strictly educational things like addition and subtraction charts or flash cards, I thought I would share a few of the last things that I picked up to teach my 5 year old that aren’t your average teaching tools.


5  FUN Things Under $5 that you can use to teach your kids from the Dollar Store:

play money


Play Money. Well, this is an obvious one! These actually have the real pictures on them so it is a good tool to teach money skills. You can use them on a lower level for sorting, counting, same/different, bigger/smaller, fewer/greater, etc. Then, of course, you can teach addition and subtraction, skip counting, and giving values to each of the coins/bills as the children get older.


The next thing is Dominoes! Who doesn’t love dominoes? You can stack them, you can line them up and knock them down, and you can use them to learn addition and multiplication. There are even many free printables out there for domino addition.These particular ones are different colors so you can also use them for sorting and learning colors. Matching is another good game to play with dominoes.


Jenga! A great game for fine motor skills practice! It is also a great way to tach cause and effect and predicting what will happen.

Connect 4

Connect 4! An awesome way to teach patterns, cause and effect, and positional words (i.e., over, under, top, bottom, across, diagonal).

word search

Lastly, Word search puzzles are excellent way to teach letter recognition. I have my kids look for a specific letter or circle all of the letters they know instead of looking for the words, at least until they reach an age that they can look for the words.

I will continue to look for simple and inexpensive educational games from Dollar General and other similar places and share those ideas with you!

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1 Comment to “Educational Games from Dollar General”

  1. Magali says:

    What great finds. I love it when you can get educational things for low prices.

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