8 Ways Microsoft OneNote Has Changed My Life

By Alisha Rosenthal
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Oct 9th, 2014
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This is NOT a sponsored post. I am not in any way being paid for my opinion on this topic.

I will be the first to tell you that one of my favorite new things to get is a cute notebook and a pretty colored pen! I love making lists, writing out menus, planning our homeschool time, jotting down ideas, etc.

My husband introduced Microsoft OneNote to me years ago, and I glanced half heartedly, didn’t completely understand or really want to understand, and disregarded it. About a year or so later, I went to him and asked for another quick tutorial on it and decided to try and use it.

I set it up this summer, and I LOVE IT!!!! I use it every day, and I am using it for more and more all the time. Let me tell you 8 ways Microsoft OneNote has changed my life:

1. No more searching for anything! I used to spend too much time looking through a half dozen notebooks to find the note I jotted down. More often than that (and I know you have done this too), I would be cleaning our my desk and going through all the pretty notebooks I have tried ripping out used pages to make it all clean and new, only to find a list of things that I had jotted down a month ago, lost, and never completed! I would set it to the side in a stack of others just like it, file it later in a folder labeled “to do this week” or something and then file that away only to find it again in another month still undone! It’s “out of sight, out of mind” syndrome, as my husband says. If you don’t see it, you don’t think about it. With OneNote, I open my computer, and with a couple of clicks, I am where I want to be!

2. WAY less clutter on my desk..and in the kitchen..and in the school room….and so on!  I hate my desk being cluttered, so I try to put all of my notebooks and paper work away, but like I mentioned, if things are out of my site, then I usually don’t remember to do them!  So, I would have to leave things out, and my desk always looked so awful! I had recipe books in the kitchen, notepads on the counter, and don’t even get me started on the school room! OneNote allows me to have all of those notebooks ON my computer so there is no clutter on my desk.

3. Organization is SO easy! I used to spend endless hours filing paperwork, or looking online to see how others kept their important information at hand. I would constantly be changing the way I labeled things and filed them: 4 inch binders with dividers for each thing, each thing in its own 1 inch binder, no binders, file folders, spiral notebook, loose leaf paper in a smaller binder….on and on and on!!! Now, with OneNote, I have tabs that are already like binders, with notebooks in them, with pages inside them all in one and I set it up just like I wanted! I can put links to recipes or learning sites for homeschool, and even links to other blogs and link-up parties! It is so very easy!

4. Less time tidying up! I know I sort of covered this in #3, but its worth saying again! At the end of the day, I used to get out ALL of my binders, notebooks, flies, etc and sit down to hole punch, sort and file. I had client files, school work from 3 kids and any other paper work from the day going in all different directions. I still have some school work from the kids to file, but it is a tremendous help to ONLY have that to go through (especially since I have taught the older two to file their works as they go!).

5. Travel is Easier! We currently live 1200 miles away from all of our family. We are so very fortunate in that we are able to drive to visit them 2-3 times a year! When we visit, we usually stay for 10-14 days. I typically have the kids do a little school work while we are gone, I continue to blog, and I also have down time that allows me to menu plan and write recipes. Instead of carrying a ton of notebooks with me, I just bring my laptop along! I have everything I need without having to carry a huge bag of paperwork!

6. Dinner is Faster! Because I have all of my recipes and all of the links to other recipes organized in my notebook, I can go straight to the meal I am wanting to cook with no papers to dig through or searching for “that one potato recipe on Pinterest.” It makes cooking so much faster for me!


7. Easy Access! Now, I realize that not everyone has a laptop. That’s what makes OneNote even better!! It will sync up with your other devices! So, if I have my phone or a tablet, I can still access all of my things! This makes everything from grocery shopping to finding contact information for a client very easy! I can make my lists on the computer, then make sure it syncs with the phone and have it with me everywhere I go. I am always leaving paper lists or client files at home, but very very seldom forget my phone!

8. Privacy and Protection! In my own home, I don’t worry about privacy. My kids do not bother my computer, and I have nothing to hide from the husband, but it is very nice to know that nobody can get into my computer and get information like they can notebooks and papers that I used to leave on my desk. I used to worry so much about our things being in a fire safe! Oh gosh, those things are NOT cheap! I could never decide what was more important to put in there, documents, pictures, etc. Now everything is backed up online! (Again, this is a service that we use that is separate from OneNote, but OneNote makes it possible to have these things on the computer in an organized way so that it is easily backed up!) I can scan in important documents and put links right into OneNote so they are easily reprinted!

Let me show you some screen shots of how I have set my OneNote up:

Here is what my drop down looks like with my “binders” or notebook headers:

6 ways Microsoft OneNote

An example of what the “dividers” or tabs look like in one of my notebooks and one of the pages:


What one of the pages looks like when I first enter it:



I still love cute little notebooks and pretty colored pens, but OneNote is slowly taking over that role for me! I love being able to open my laptop no matter where I am and edit, write, and save!

Do you use OneNote? If not, check it out! There are youtube videos online showing all of the wonderful ways you can use it! Let me know if it helps you!


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  1. I have never heard of this miscrosoft thing but I think it looks helpful

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